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Inspired by Jim and Mary Elphick, who from 1957 between them dedicated more than 80 years to running the Experiment in International Living thousands of people have experienced life in the UK through our programmes. Currently, the charity is revitalising the tradition of offering adults and young people in the UK opportunities to explore the world and learn about different cultures.

DeEIL UK Explore Programme Globeveloping a variety of new EXPLORE programs will boost our international activities and build on our years of experience and connections with our Federation EIL partners around the world.

All our programs include staying with a local family. This Homestay will be the key to the EXPLORE range because we want you to have an immersive and original experience. We intend to provide volunteering opportunities, internship and apprenticeship work experiences as well as a high school year abroad along with individual and group intercultural learning programs.

To support the program development we have appointed a Project Coordinator, Sabine, who has joined the EIL UK Team in Malvern. If you would like to discuss the programmes or opportunities to support EXPLORE, feel free to contact Sabine Spires.


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