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Are you interested in learning about other cultures?
Is your family warm and welcoming?

Host families are the beating heart of EIL UK. The homestay underpins the ethos of our organisation; intercultural exchange and experiences create a more peaceful, tolerant and understanding world.

Could you offer students or adults an immersive experience of everyday life in your family, community and country? We are always looking for homes to host people from other countries and cultures while they visit, whether for a weekend, a few weeks, or an academic year.

Are you passionate about sharing the best your local area and community have to offer?

International volunteers visit the UK with EIL

Weekend Homestay:
International university students spend the day with you, or arrive on a Friday evening and leave just before lunchtime on a Sunday.

Short Stay:
Families also host individuals for short stays lasting one to four weeks. Participants might be a young person or an adult, a university student or a volunteer.

High School:
Students are aged 16 to 18 years. They come to live with a host family, and study in schools or colleges for a term or academic year. This programme gives students the chance to live and study in different cultural environment, improve their English language skills, and develop independence.

Cultural Groups:
Group visits for adults and young people are organised to various places of interest. They take part in workshops, learn a new language or volunteer for local community organisations. Each student has the opportunity to live with a host family for one to four weeks.

Can you offer a home from home?

A homestay host family in their local community with their international visitors
“There was a great mix of getting out of the house to do sightseeing and just spending time at home in front of the fire getting to know our host family. It’s ok to be nervous about meeting new people with new customs in a new country. The important thing is that you let go a little and just enjoy the ride.”
Katherine, USA, February 2017


“We went for a beautiful, scenic drive and then went hiking by a waterfall in the heart of the Lake District. I may not have been inclined to visit if it weren’t for my homestay, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do so.”
Mary, USA, March 2017


But what about…?

  1. How long do I have to commit to hosting?
    You can commit to what you’re comfortable with. Many of our families host year after year, but we know that things change so you are welcome to take a break at any time.
  2. What do I need to do as a host?
    People coming over from other cultures want to experience life as part of your family – eating meals together and exploring your local community and its traditions. We encourage host families to make their house rules clear and this is something we can support you with.
  3. Do I get paid?
    We give families a contribution toward hosting which depends on the length of the homestay.
  4. What about insurance?
    You will need to show that you have household insurance, to make sure that both you and your visitor are protected in case anything happens. Most policies will already cover you.
  5. I live on my own, can I still be a host family?
    Anyone can be a host family. What matters most is a warm, friendly “home from home”. You could live on your own, be a single parent or have an extended family the size of a football team.
  6. I’m not sure about hosting. What else can I do to help EIL UK?
    Hosting isn’t for everyone, but there are always things you can do to help us. Please drop us an email or call the EIL UK team to find out how you can help.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, or speak to someone about hosting before making a commitment, please contact Mary on 01684 562577 or at

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Express your interest!

If you’re interested in learning about other cultures, are a warm and welcoming family and have a spare room in your home without any more persuading, please fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you within a week. (Please bear with us, we’re not all full time in the office.)

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