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“When you’re at university it’s not every day that you get to be in a real home or interact with people who aren’t all your own age. Embrace the opportunity to see a new place and meet with new people before settling into an academic schedule.”

For over 15 years EIL UK has placed newly arrived international students with EIL host families for an orientation weekend. A critical tool when dealing with culture shock, staying with a British family for a weekend can help people to quickly understand their new country and to gain a connection with a supportive family in one of our host communities.

In most cases, universities arrange the weekends to fall within the first few months of arrival, however EIL UK can offer weekend homestays throughout the year. Even a short stay with an EIL family can help students to cope better with culture shock and introduce them to British culture, history and places of interest.

Available Locations – Homestay placements can take place in many parts of the UK such as Gloucester, Edinburgh, Worcester, Cumbria and South Wales.

Britain has long been a favoured tourist destination due to its rich history and traditions. It has a varied and diverse landscape ranging from coastal to mountainous all with beautiful scenery to enjoy. British music, art and culture are renowned around the world. The cities are modern and vibrant and the countryside is rural and peaceful.

Host families, accommodations and meals: Host families come from all walks of life – they could be a couple with or without children, a single person or an extended family. EIL UK works to select, screen and monitor host families to find a placement to best match your unique profile and interests. Family activities depend on the location of your homestay, and the interests of your family. Your hosts will include you in their activities whenever possible but you must be prepared that your family may work or have other commitments on their time.

Local Support:  In some host family placements there will be a local representative in the area to help you during your stay, but if not, you will always have the contact details of EIL who will be happy to help and support you.

Travel Information :  Arrive at your homestay destination on a Friday evening and depart on a Sunday afternoon. All travel arrangements should be booked in accordance with EIL guidance. Booking your travel arrangements is your responsibility but EIL will help you to plan your journeys where necessary. You will be met on arrival in your homestay community, either by a member of your host family or by the local representative.

Application forms are required at least one month before the intended date of visit, so sign up today!




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