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Programmes start in September or January

What is the High School Programme?

The International High School program places students for a full academic year (August to June) with caring, carefully selected host families that provide room and board. Local coordinators provide assistance and supervision throughout the program and students typically attend a local school, chosen jointly by the host family and the local coordinator.

By living with a family and studying at the local high school or college, students become fluent in another language, open their minds to another culture, make lifelong friends and learn more than ever about themselves and the world around them.


Why Study Abroad?

• Become fluent in another language

• Live and study in another cultural environment

• Make lifelong friends

• Expand your horizons

• Grow as a citizen of the world


At a glance
AGE RANGE 16 to 18
LANGUAGE English (minimum CEFR level B1)
SCHOOL YEAR Late August to early June
PROGRAMME OPTIONS  1 term, 2 terms or full academic year. Other options are available on application.


Education in the UK

The British school system is renowned across the world. Children start primary school at 5 years old, change to secondary school at 11 years old and after 5 years take their GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in many subjects. Students can then get a job with training, do a vocational course, or stay at school for 2 more years (the Sixth Form) to do Advanced Level exams (called AS and A2) in 3-4 subjects. The Sixth Form is preparation for university – students have more responsibility and are expected to do more private study. Many schools do not have a uniform for these years and there are fewer structured lessons per day. A wide range of subjects are available including Photography, Music, Theatre Studies and Sociology. All IHSP students join the first year of Sixth Form with 16 year old UK students.


The Programme offers

• Accommodation and meals in a host family (breakfast and dinner, packed lunch is optional)

• Enrolment in the sixth form of a local school  or college

• Free on arrival transfer on designated dates

• Welcome orientation and student handbook

• Support provided by a local representative, EIL UK staff members and an independent listener

• Opportunity to do an ‘in-country exchange’ and visit a host family in a different region (extra cost)

• Opportunity to visit cultural sights, e.g. London, Harry Potter Studio Experience, Stratford-upon-Avon (extra cost)

• Opportunity to do voluntary work (subject to visa restrictions)

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