Who we are and what we do

The Experiment in International Living (EIL), founded in 1932, was one of the first programs of its kind to engage individuals in intercultural living and learning.

Originating in the United States, The Experiment introduced the ‘homestay’ concept to the world by carefully preparing and placing “Experimenters” in the homes of host families abroad for a firsthand exposure to culture and language.

Since the time Founder Donald B. Watt took the first group of Experimenters to Switzerland, tens of thousands of individuals of all ages and backgrounds have shared experiences, languages and customs with others from different cultures and traditions. Together they have broadened horizons, gained lifelong friends and helped to advance the goals of peace and understanding.

Enriching Lives~Inspiring Global Citizenship

With eight decades of national and international leadership in cultural exchange, EIL programs are distinguished by the core values and guiding principles which include the organization’s not for profit status, its commitment to the safety and wellbeing of participants and its endorsement of the principles of equality, inclusiveness, sustainability and diversity.

Based on principles of experiential learning, EIL programs are designed to provide tools to learn and thrive in another culture or in a different language; to foster personal development; to build communication and leadership skills; and to be active citizens in an interdependent world.

Many programs are focused on the most important themes of the day – the environment, education, social justice as well as the art and culture of each host country.

At all times EIL strives to achieve the highest standards and to employ best practices in the industry of intercultural exchange.

What does Britain offer?

Britain has long been a favoured destination due to its rich history and traditions. Britain has a varied and diverse landscape ranging from coastal to mountainous all with beautiful scenery to enjoy. British music, art and culture are renowned around the world. The cities are modern and vibrant and the countryside is rural and peaceful.