Safety and Wellbeing

Safeguarding our participants, hosts, other volunteers and staff is of critical importance to EIL UK. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare, learning and personal development of everyone involved in the charity’s activities and we expect all staff, partners, volunteers and participants to share this commitment.

To share a safeguarding concern or report an incident, call 01684 562577 or 0300 303 0173 (our emergency number).

A copy of EIL’s current Safeguarding Policy and Procedure is available in the documents menu on this page.

About our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

EIL’s safeguarding policies and procedures were developed with the assistance of ChildSafe, a child protection charity. Over time, we have expanded our policy and procedures to include the protection of vulnerable adults. Today, safeguarding applies to everyone involved in our work, including volunteer hosts as well as participants.

Learning from Practice

ChildSafe specialised in safeguarding and preventing the abuse of children and young people away from home, particularly in the global youth travel sector. Since 2016, our policies and procedures have drawn on safeguarding expertise in the education sector, child protection and youth protection to add to the safety and protection in the youth travel industry. We also draw on the knowledge and experience of our UK and international partners, other practitioners working in international exchanges and international standards for cultural exchanges.

As an organisation, EIL is committed to learning and improvement. We update our organisation-wide Safeguarding Policy and Procedures at least once a year and keep up-to-date with current practice in other sectors all of which helps us strengthen how we apply safeguarding in our day-to-day work.

By raising awareness of safeguarding and making it part of our roles and every-day work, we provide a safer environment for everyone involved in the charity’s educational and cultural exchange programmes.

EIL UK recognises that there are times when providing a homestay for an international visitor can be a challenging experience as well as a rewarding one, particularly for host children, teens and single adults. In response, we provide information and offer advice – one example is the guidance we offer to hosts who are the sole adult in the home.

We are always interested in new initiatives that will help keep adults, vulnerable adults, children and young people safe, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to under the subject: Safeguarding Suggestions.