Memories that last a lifetime

“Memorable, deeply educational, profoundly moving, outstanding and rejuvenating” – these are just a few words that Yelena, a University of Reading student, used to describe her Easter HOST UK stay with Amanda and Mick in Hampshire.  

“I wish to convey my sincere gratitude for the extraordinary hospitality afforded to me at [Amanda and Mick’s] splendid residence, which boasts a beautiful garden and woodland territory.

Celebrating Anglican Easter with you was not only memorable but deeply educational. Our jaunt around the picturesque Petersfield, adorned with spring blossoms, quaint historical buildings, and the church visit, was exceptionally scenic. Special thanks are due to Amanda for the delightful time at the café, complemented by the cosy ambience and the local shops where I found a chic and comfortable blouse in the British countryside style.

The Easter mass was profoundly moving, and the warmth of the congregation, alongside the children’s egg hunt, added a charming touch to our celebrations. I am deeply appreciative of the chance to engage in the community’s Easter tea and biscuits conversation at the City Hall. Interacting with such intriguing individuals has enriched my understanding of local customs and traditions.

The meal Mick prepared was outstanding, not merely in flavour but also in the unique experience of cooking over an open fire in the garden. The pizza, bacon, lamb, vegetables, herbs, and handmade sauce were unparalleled, enhanced by the traditional method of preparation.

This journey has provided me with a profound insight into British life

Our discussions in the living room, exploring deep philosophical topics such as humanity, life and death, religious symbols, AI, and our relationship with animals, were stimulating and thought-provoking. They have motivated me to further improve my English to share my ideas in a more understandable, persuasive, and diplomatically polite manner.

The visit to the luxurious spa was utterly rejuvenating. Swimming in tranquil waters, participating in water aerobics, and the subsequent invigorating cold shower, left me refreshed and inspired dreams throughout all three nights.

This journey has provided me with a profound insight into British life, especially within a community that holds its faith dear. Witnessing the daily lives and communal joy of those with strong spiritual connections has been an enriching experience.

I hope your remarkably well-behaved dog regains full health and vigour soon. I was impressed by such an intelligent and amiable companion, particularly its calm demeanour during our visit to the local vet. Thank you once again for welcoming me into your home and for your incredible kindness. These memories will indeed last a lifetime.”